How do you train your cats to go outside without a leash?

I work hard on teaching my cats to trust me from the first day I get them. Since cats are not humans, they don't learn to trust us from hugs and kisses and nice words, they learn it by us showing them that we are the boss.
I teach them to listen to a loud NO! And from never giving in to their demands. When you never force them to do anything that you want them to like you are teaching them that it IS something to like.
If you force them with hugs and snuggles, it is more likely for them to associate it with something negative, and therefore never learning to like it.

A cat can actually be taught to be more affectionate by you not being too affectionate to him or her. (of course, a very shy or timid cat needs other actions, read about that on my website
At about 6-7 months old, my cats are fully aware that I am their guardian and I start to take them outside first time in a leash. Already by then I can see that if they hear something scary in the woods, they come running to me - and this is the ultimate reward for the work and you know that they think you are the safest thing in their lives also in this scary words.
Don't smother with what we humans call love, learn what YOUR CAT call love and give that in plenty while you also are firm on telling them when they do wrong. I get a sore throat from learning a bunch of kittens, but damn do they have the best manners when they leave for their new homes.

As you can see, I don't train them to go outside without a leash by actually taking them outside. It all comes down to trust in the everyday life and for your cat to respect that you make the decisions and those decisions are the best.

What food do you give to your cats?

I mostly give my cats wet food and raw meat.

The wet food I give are Bozita, Mjau and Icas (the last two are probably only available in Sweden) I always have backups too so I have some varieties. Schesir wet food is great for cats that have lost their appetite or does´nt eat enough.


When I give them raw meat it is pork, beef, chicken and whatever I can find =)

Sometimes I buy bigger quantities of meat and make my own mixes. It usually contains what cats should eat when on a meat diet - pork, beef, chicken hearts, chicken liver, chicken stomachs, chicken bones and sometimes I find tongue, cheek or pigtail to add too.

When I don´t have my own mixes I buy Vom och Kattemat ready mixes from the pet stores.


I do give some dry food to my cats, but mostly as treats. When I have pregnant queens, new mommies or someone that needs to gain weight I can give it as food for a while. If you want to give your cats dry food everyday, you should buy the brands that have “grain free” food, it´s still not good as food but it is much better than those that has lots of grains and fillers.


A short story to why dry food is worse than the wet food or meat.

Simply because cats are not made to eat what they put in the dry food, and also because all the ingredients are cooked, which changes the proteins so that the cat´s body can´t recognise it anymore, and it just passes through.

A cat on a strictly raw meat diet will produce much less poop and it will smell next to nothing. Why? Because the body has used up the food as energy and nourishment and the little amount left is coming out without those nasty fillers that stink =O


If that does´nt convince you then just read this:

Cats need most of their water intake from their food because they have a very low sense of thirst. When you think your cat drink much, it should be getting even more water than that.

Dry food WILL make your cat less active, since the most of the food cannot be made into energy (because of the transformation that I just wrote about)

To give less or no dry food will lower the risk of many diseases that are the most common in cats, especially at a higher age, that´s because their bodies then had enough of this bad food and start to shut down.



What made you become a breeder?

When I was about 15 years old I bought my first cat. His name was Zorro, and he was the start of my interest in the cat's behavior. When he was a few years old I move away from my familyhome and my mother wanted him to stay there, so I got myself another cat, called Lucifer.

When Lucifer grew up, my family and friends saw how wellbehaved he was, and told me just for fun that I should take the cats in to raise them to be the same.

That made me think about it all, and how fun it would be to help raise cats.

Many years later and with lots of experience in being a cat-human, I came to think of the subject of raising cats again and I started to read up on breeding for about two years before I felt ready to do it. I knew it would cost more money than it raises, but that is how it is with any hobby.


I love to take care of animals, and especially cats so it was just natural to me. I think it is very exciting from the day the cats mate until the day I say goodbye to their kittens. I focus a lot on health in my breeding and follow all the health programs (and a little more) it is very important to know that your breeder cats are healthy before you breed them, so that you don´t add to the risk of the kittens being born with defects or genetic diseases.


There are a place in our world for healthy cats, I wish for them all to be healthy but unfortunately there are many people breeding for the cuteness of it or to make money, some even don´t breed, they just let their cats go outside and mate with stray cats, and this is what causes all these unwanted, unhealthy and sheltered cats. Please stop supporting those people, when they can make a buck they will always keep on going!

How can I make my cats eat raw meat?

It might take some time to transition them to raw meat, but be patient. Your cat is probably only used to eating commercial food and they have additives to make it smell and taste really good for them, and this is lacking in raw meat so they just don´t recognise the meat as food at first.

Try a few times with just giving a little piece of chicken or beef whenever you are gonna make some for yourself, after a while your cat might understand it is food since you keep giving it as food or treat.


You can also try by crushing some dry food over it or pour something really irresistible over it like catmilk, (cat-)tunawater.

If your cat is an adult and healthy, it is ok to not give anything else all day but the meat and the cat will be so hungry that he or she has to go and taste it, and at dinnertime you can give something from it´s normal diet. One of these days it will work =)

Why did Berry move?

When Berry had her kittens and they were about nine weeks old, she started to act like she was really depressed. This is very common for a cat mommy to experience as the kittens grow up, although Berry felt like that very early because Zinnamon also had her kittens in the same time there were so many of them.

I started to notice that what ever I did she didn't get any better and she started to react negatively to the other cats, so as the time went by I realized that I had to do something for her.


When I first got Berry she had a virus that is a very common in cats and not really harmful, many breeders take no notice of this virus and just keep on breeding. I'm not one of those breeders and I had to make a decision. If she didn't have any outbreaks or any other kind of signs of this virus, I would keep her in my breeding for at least one litter of kittens. Everything went well until the kittens were about nine weeks old, though there were no signs of this virus still, the fact that she acted depressed made me take the decision to not keep her in my breeding program.


With all of this in mind, I decided that she need a stress free home that I cannot provide for her. After a long search for the right home I finally found Mia that could provide her with the best home you can imagine. Mia is a loving woman, very much like myself that thrives on caring for others. That's when I knew I had found the right home for her.
It later turned out to be a bowel problem with her, that we operated on and she was soon back to normal, but had already moved and stayed there. Now she is the happy, funny Berry she always was! :)

How many cats do you have?

I have 5 cats living in my home (Muffin, Zinnamon, Cookie, Windi and Brownie) and 4 cats living in host homes (Thea, Nevada - Thea´s son, Malvae - Raspberry´s daughter and Whoopsie)

Where do you buy your toys and scratchers?

I´m sponsored by some stores and brands, but most of the toys I buy at

  • Zooplus
  • Grizzlyzoo

And some things I might find on

What type of camera equipment do you use on Instagram?

I use mostly my iPhone 6 for videos and some photos, otherwise I use my Nikon D7000 camera with a Tamron 17-50 2,8 lens. When the light is not enough I use a Nikon SB900 Flash or a few daylight lamps

Why doesn´t Whoopsie live with you?

When I bought her, I had already made plans for Brownie to move here later in March, and I don´t really like to have this much stress on my cats living at home, because it is very stressful to keep adding cats to the group so closely.

Her arriving here in February would interfere with Brownie´s quarantine when hers would be over so we said that if MiMi would like to keep Whoopsie, she could do that. I will still be the co-owner and use her in my breeding as planned, but she will just be living with MiMi. It´s called a host home and is what breeders need to be able to expand the program without overcrowding the home :)

How can I make my cat love me more?

This is not really possible to answer in a few sentences, i all depends on how YOUR cat is raised and what the background looks like.You can read a lot about this on my website and get some tips on games to play with your cat that can help this.
Basically, don´t force the cat to do anything they don´t want. A hug for us, is not always a hug for them, it´s a forced contrapment. If you snuggle, and the cat wants to go down - let it! This is showing your cat, more than you probably realise, that he/she can trust you.

Why did Thea move?

Thea has been living with me for about 3,5 years, and when she had her second litter I gave her a neuter-chip that makes her act like a neutered cat for about 2 years of time. In this time, she was gonna have a rest and just be our cuddly queen.

Unfortunately her being a neuter didn´t go well with the fertile cats here, especially recently so she became a bit bullied and wasn´t the happy girl she has always been. So I had to do something to help her, and my friend opened her home to her to at least try it out, and as it seems it was a very good fit for her and she is now back to the happy girl we all know and love :)

How can I make my cat drink more water

Water is one of the most important things in maintaining the cats´ health, especially if your cat is eating dry food. Cats have a low sense of thirst, and they say that when a cat goes to drink their water, they are already 4% dehydrated.

Cats usually don´t like to have the water source close to the food source, so try to put the water bowl or fountain in another room or in the opposite place from the food. This is the most natural thing for them and an easy way to change things up and hopefully that will work.

If it is warm in your country, try to put some ice cubes in the water to make it more interesting and cold. Show them the cubes in the beginning so that they will go there to play or check it out.

Cats don´t really like to drink with their tongue right down into the water, they prefer to lick on something to get the water up (that is what most water fountains serve) so try to take one bigger bowl of water, and put another smaller bowl upside down in there, to make a little dome for them to lick on while getting their water.

And of course, if your cat eat only wet food and fresh meat, he or she will get most water from there as they do naturally. If you give mostly dry food, you need to try and really get your cat more water to avoid the typical and all too common diseases later in life.

All cats are different, but I hope that you will find what makes your cat drink more water <3