Zinnamon is called Zinna, Kanel or Nelen at home.
A fantastic girl that suddenly grew over night into a big girl. She has the temperament of a true ragdoll. Good profile and chin, a bit weak eyecolor but it is getting there, but her good features covers all eventual flaws ;)

Full name: PL*Supurrsonic Zinnamon
DoB: 17.09.2013
Color: f 04 Sealtortie mitted
Sire: GIC Escape Supurrsonic*PL, JW
Dam: Otylia Mruczek*PL
HCM & Kidney scan: Normal 2014-06-24
HCM & PKD dna: n/n 2014-06-12
Fiv/FelV: negative
Blood group: A


Cookie is my little princess, my wildcard from the same breeder as my male Muffin (Zape)
She is probably the happiest cat I have ever been a guardian of, she loves life and is a very healthy cat.

Cookie has very strong features but just a little bit weak forehead. Big bones and the true temperament of a ragdoll.



Full name: ES*Carpat Ragdolls Lorette
DoB: 27.03.2015
Color: g 04 Blue tortie mitted
Sire: ES*Carpat Ragdolls Zipi
Dam: Ethel Estrela Beruthiel*PL
HCM & Kidney scan: Normal 2016-04-07
HCM & PKD dna: Normal 2016-06-17
Fiv/FelV: Negative
Blood group: A - Carrier of b


Windi is my very first "homemade" kitty :)
She is daughter of my female Zinnamon and I was not going to keep anything from that litter but she was just too damn perfect!
Her features are very strong and she has a bit high set ears which I need in my breeding. Very loving cat and so funny to watch!

Full name: SE*Fjärilflickans Windi Mountain
DoB: 23.06.2015
Color: g 03 Blue tortie bicolor
Sire: S*Wonderdolls Moses
Dam: PL*Supurrsonic Zinnamon
HCM & Kidney scan: Normal 2016-04-07
HCM & PKD dna: Normal 2016-06-17
Fiv/FelV: Negative
Blood group: A



Daughter of my female queen Zinnamon.
Nira will carry on papa Brownie´s genes and hopefully much more of his personality.


Nira is my little wildcard and I am looking forward to seeing her develope.

Full name: SE*Fjärilflickans Leanira Moon
DoB: 02.10.2017
Color: n 03 Seal mitted
Sire: Cooperdolls Wake me Up Brownie
Dam: Supurrsonic Zinnamon*PL
HCM & Kidney scan: N/A
HCM & PKD dna: N/A
Fiv/FelV: N/A
Blood group: N/A


Is now neutered and living as pet

My norwegian princess <3 Gloria swept me off my feet and it was no doubt about it, she was exactly what I wanted. Her ears and chin are super and she has a perfect eyecolor and strong profile.
Gloria is called Whoopsie at home, and is living with host home only a few minutes away from me.

Full name: (N)Ragedy´s Gloria
DoB: 03.11.2014
Color: a 03 Blue bicolor
Sire: (N)Ragedy´s Zorro
Dam: (N)Ragedy´s Viking Froja
HCM & Kidney scan: Normal 2015-12-02
HCM & PKD dna: n/n 2015-09-09
Fiv/FelV: negative
Blood group: A


Is now neutered and living as pet

Dashi is called Thea at home. Thea is a mother at heart <3 This female is so calm and at ease with everything.
She loves to nurture other cats and would always put everyone else before her own safety.
OK profile and a nice chin.
Fantastic eyes and a perfect coat.

Full name: SE*Vinstakattens Dashi
DoB: 17.07.2011
Color: ns 09 23 Blacksilver mackreltabby & white
Sire: S*Långängens Krokant
Dam: S*Poo Nai´s Travancore
HCM scan: Normal 2012-09-19
GSD4: Negative
Fiv/FelV: Negative
PK-Def: n/n 2014-08-18