All kittens born in my home mean the world to me, and I need to be very sure that they all go to a loving forever home when they leave. At the week 13-14 they are ready to move from us. I keep the kittens a little bit longer than 12 weeks because I have discovered that it does a lot for the future of that kitten, it will be completly well behaved and it´s own individual.

I have no waiting list for a kitten, but I do have many many requests. The most important to me is not the person who has the biggest wallet or is the fastest to ask, if it doesn´t feel 100% right, I won´t sell a kitten to that home. With that said, I also need to turn down a lot of good homes, basically because I don´t have enough kittens for everyone.

How to inquire?

If you have thought about it and want to inquire in on of my kittens, send me an email to and let me know who you are and what home you can provide a kitten. Since I may not be able to meet you in person, you need to sell yourself so that I know you before I can decide anything.

I will not send a kitten by cargo, either you come here to get it or I will try to arrange for help to fly to you with the kitten.

A pet kitten will be neutered before it leaves, and will be an added cost to the 10500SEK that a kitten cost

Contact your department of agriculture to read about the requirements of importing a kitten to your country, and get back to me with info about what is needed before the travel begins.


The contract between us includes some requirements that I have of you as the new owner, e.g you are not allowed to keep the cat in a cage, not declaw the cat and cannot sell the cat to another person without my knowledge.

This is what you get

When you buy a kitten from me, you will always have my support whatever the matter is. I want you to know that you can always contact me for help or to just talk. Don´t be embarrassed to tell me what is wrong, I´m here to help you. Accidents happen, allergies do pop up and life at home can change over night. I want to be the first person you contact, and if needed I will buy back the kitten if something happens that you cannot care for it.

You will recieve pedigree, transfer, passport, health check certificate and a kitten that has the best temperament you could ever dream of. The kitten will be microchipped and fully vaccinated, with rabies vaccine if your country requires that.

You will get some food that the kitten is used to eating, so you can slowly graduate to whatever food you want to give.


I look forward to your enquiry!